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GALLETTI Heat Pump Made in Italy

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40010 – Bentivoglio (BO) ITALY

Outdoor monobloc air-water units VLE 150 - 570 kW by GALLETTI
Heat pump made in Italy
Outdoor monobloc Galletti air-water heat pump  units

VLE is Galletti’s heat pump a  new range of air-cooled monobloc chillers and heat pumps for outdoor installation  featuring R454B refrigerant.‎ R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, one of the lowest on the market.‎ This GWP value ensures that the VLE range complies with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.‎

The range consists of 11 models with cooling capacities ranging from 150 to 570 kW, available in cooling only or re­versible heat pump versions.‎
The range’s main strength is its high seasonal efficiency, which is designed to permanently reduce annual energy consumption as well as meet the minimum efficiency re­quirements established by ErP 2021.‎ In order to increase the efficiency at partial loads, all VLE models are provided with tandem or trio solutions (2 or 3 compressors on a sin­gle circuit) and equipped with electronic expansion valve as standard.‎

The use of top quality components at the cutting edge of technology in the cooling, hydraulic, and electrical systems makes VLE chillers state of the art in terms of efficiency, relia­bility, and operating limits.‎ In fact, the ability to produce wa­ter from -10 °C to 55 °C and operate at full load with outdoor air temperatures from -15°C to 46 °C is guaranteed.‎

The range provides high configurability from the point of view of acoustics, with a wide range of accessories designed to reduce noise emissions.‎ Advanced control, which is al­ways provided across the entire range, allows continuous monitoring of operating parameters, advanced regulation logics, and connectivity.‎

Lastly, the modular structure with V-shaped coils is designed to optimize heat exchange on the air side, guarantee struc­tural strength with a reduced footprint, and maintain maxi­mum accessibility of the key components.‎

VLE heat pumps and water chillers are designed for heating or cool­ing the water to be used in air-conditioning systems for residential, commercial, or industrial use.‎ The use of low-GWP refrigerant ensures compliance with the limits established by the F-GAS regulation re­garding gases that potentially contribute to global warming (green­house gases).‎

Further details

Refrigerant with GWP of less than 500
High seasonal efficiency values
Electronic expansion valve
Up to 6 compressors
1 or 2 cooling circuits
Remote connectivity with the most common protocols
Possibility of configuring low-noise versions
Very low GWP refrigerant
Use of R454B refrigerant with low environmental impact. R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the VLE range complies with the gradual reduction of quotas of greenhouse refrigerants in the European market required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.
Scroll compressors
The scroll-type compressors designed to work with R454B, which can be sound insulated, include internal thermal protection of the windings and are installed on special anti-vibration supports.
The scroll-type compressors are equipped with an IDV valve. The IDV intermediate delivery valve technology allows the compressor to avoid losses caused by over compression and, consequently, the additional work the motor has to perform in partial-load operation, thus saving energy and improving seasonal and partial-load efficiency from 3% to 10%.
Low-noise version
The units can be supplied in a low-noise version, with silencing housings and reduced speed BLDC fans. This configuration, together with the night-time attenuation function, significantly reduces the sound power level.
HSF – Hydro Smart Flow
The HSF kit, which is available on request, is placed on the hydronic side of the unit and consists of a 4-way valve and a special kit. Hydro Smart Flow is activated at the time of seasonal changeover by reversing the direction in which the water flows across the plates, consistent with the direction of flow of the refrigerant. In this manner a counter flow heat exchange is always maintained, thus optimizing the operation of the unit in the summer and winter seasons and extending the unit’s operating range.
The entire Chiller range has microchannel coils as a standard feature. The large heat exchange surface, the absence of a copper-aluminum interface, and the perfect flow of air make it possible to achieve the same performance while reducing the refrigerant charge by up to 40%, with obvious benefits from an ecological point of view. Microchannel coils Galletti always feature surface treatment as a standard feature in order to provide maximum safety, even in harsh environments.
The range is developed modu¬larly, reproducing the optimized structure of single V coils and fans. Its design ensures stability, sturdiness even during the most critical phases (such as trans¬port), and maximum accessibil¬ity to components in every VLE unit.
Electronic valve
It is standard on the entire range and offers greater responsive¬ness during transients. The elec¬tronics also manage the syn¬ergistic operation of the com¬pressors and the valve, thereby making it possible to vary over¬heating and maximize efficiency at partial loads.
Safety procedures in case of refrigerant leakage
As a standard feature, the units are equipped with leak detection sensors in the electrical control board and near the cooling circuit. The microprocessor manages the procedures for securing and shutting down the unit in case of refrigerant leakage, also making it possible to divert the power supply of the control unit that collects the information from the leak sensors on a low-voltage emergency line. This function allows the complete disconnection of the power to the unit during maintenance operations, while leaving all the safety systems enabled.
Economy function – low noise
Based on time slots or no-voltage contact, this function makes it possible to reduce the maximum speed of fans and the number of compressors that can be activated.
This operation is especially useful during the night phase, when the power required is very low, and the unit can operate at a reduced level, thus lowering the noise level during a sensitive time period.
Primary pump management
In case of a decoupled circuit, it is possible, by remote probe, to switch off the pumps of the primary circuit when allowed, due to low thermal load. This guaran¬tees a further reduction in pumping costs.
CDS – Continuous Data Storage
This feature makes it possible to continuously store the typical operating parameters of the unit and the system in the control microprocessor. This is achieved by means of an additional memory, which is included on the controls of the entire VLE range as a standard feature.


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